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    Disable command button

    i have created a form called Login Dialog in access with User name and Password. Based on the user i need to disable a command button in a form called Home.

    Can anyone help me please..i am new to access...i am using access 2007

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    Something along this line should work -

    In the form load event
    -disable the command button involved (for all)
    Open the Form
    -go through the login dialog
    - if valid user name password proceed,otherwise go through login again or quit.
    -if user should see command button then enable it otherwise just continue.

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    thanx 4 ur reply....

    Though i find it difficult....

    Login FOrm name : Login this form i have username and password and have login button.....if the username and password is right the user can enter into the Home form.........

    In the Home Form i have some command buttons....i want to disable the command button for some users and full view for administrators.....

    can u help ...

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