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    Storing an Equation in Table

    This could fall under multiple categories, so I thought I'd put it here.

    I have a table which has a type (bar shape) field and several numeric fields (dimensions) for an object (in this case, a reinforcing steel bar). However, the calculation used to combine the numeric fields varies depending on the object type (bars are bent in varying ways using the standard dimensions and I am calculating length).

    I realize that I can program this on a form or report pretty easily. The catch is that I want the capability for users to add custom bar shapes, which will have their own special calculation.

    I have looked into trying to add the logic of the calculation (through yes/no fields) to this table and then do a query. Unfortunately, the nature of the equation varies enough from shape to shape that it would be very difficult to do. The easy thing would be to store the equation for each bar shape.

    Any ideas. I realize this would head in the direction of stored procedures, which are not Access' strong suit.
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