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    Unhappy Making report from 2 queries


    I have got a very simple database with a simple problem.
    I have got 2 queries:
    Query 1: Company name, Bill ID, Bill amount
    Query 2: Company name, Payment ID, Payment amount

    I want to creat a "Company bill-payment report" such that:
    1- When I click the report, it asks "Which company" (both queries are criteria based on company name, so I can get this, but it asks company name twice, even though the Company name fields are related in Relationship window)

    2-It gives each entry in either of the queries in one seperate line (I can't get this done. It matches the records and gives duplicates in each entry.)

    3-(Alternative to 2) The upper part of the report consists of the Query 1 results, the down part consists Query 2 results.

    I have got the simple database but it's in Turkish so I thought it may be inaudible. Though I can upload it if you think it helps easy understanding.

    I really appreciate your help, I need to get this done at the soonest time possible.

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    Create a single query with all of the fields together. These fields should all be part of the same underlying table.

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