Dear all,

Does anyone have experience with import/export/update data with attachments to a SharePoint list.

I've got 1000 attachments files stored in a folder and i would like to import them to a SharePoint (2007) list via MSAccess (2007).

Used the LoadFromFile command to import the data but i only works to a Access table not with a linked SharePoint list. Error 3001

' Instantiate the parent recordset.
Set rsEmployees = db.OpenRecordset("Employees")
… Code to move to desired employee ' Activate edit mode.
' Instantiate the child recordset.
Set rsPictures = rsEmployees.Fields("Pictures").Value
' Add a new attachment.
rsPictures.Fields("FileData").LoadFromFile "EmpPhoto39392.jpg"
' Update the parent record

Anyone ideas how to solve this issue? thanks !!