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    Access 97. RTF Attachment not working on only this one machine

    I have code for generating a report and attaching it to an email message with

    It works fine on all but one machine. On that machine, when I try it, it
    gives the usual message... "Now outputting.. page x of y..." Then it opens a
    new message in Outlook with the right subject line, but an icon for the
    attachment is not displayed in the message body as it is when I do the same
    thing on other machines.

    The computer has 22.8 GB of free hard disk space.
    I use separate, local copies of the front end on each machine, but
    duplicating one from a working machine to this one didn't fix it.

    It had been working fine for about 10 years until it stopped recently and I
    haven't issued any new versions of the application between when it last worked and now. We're not sure what caused it to stop working.

    Thanks in advance

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    This turned out to be a registry problem with Outlook. Someone else fixed it, so I don't know which key was wrong.

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