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    Question Acces or excel, for handleing my data?

    Hi all, I am just after a bit of advice from Access users here.

    I have to keep track of a list of seat numbers (2000+), each seat number has a heap of data that goes with it.
    -Employee Manager (3 levels, other levels are worked out from manager)
    -Status (occupied, vacant)
    -work style
    -and a few others

    Seat numbers, floor & tower never change, but employee and others do. I need to keep track of these changes but only as far back as the last change, so who sat there before and how long ago was the change.

    I am currently using excel to do this. It does the basic job well, but in order to get it to record history and such i am going to have to start running some VBA. My question is, would you advise to switch to access? Could access handle this better or will there be little difference, not worth the extra build time?

    One issue is my excel level is intermediate/advanced, where as my access level is basic/intermediate...

    Thank you for any advice


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    I should mention i will not be the only person entering data into the table. Other staff have much lower IT skills. This is one of the reasons i was looking at access, forms are so easy to create compared to excel.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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