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    Converting report to PDF and attach it to email

    Hello, I've been trying to find solutions how I am able to convert currently opened report to PDF and attach it to outlook e-mail. I am using Access2k10 and I tried EmailDatabaseObject macro function and SendObject through VBA but these have some flaws that I can't have. I need message body to be either from template file (message text is different which depends on area to where email will be sent). Both that I mentioned don't let me format body text in html which i need as I must get logo to email together with long text.

    Any suggestions how it's the easiest way to do these two (convert to pdf and attach to outlook) operations with one button click?


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    I am not so clear what you mean, I guess you want to attach a file to e-Mail for distribution, but the file is not suitable for attaching onto outlook e-mail, so you want to attach it as pdf file. And you only need a portion of the file to be attached as pdf.

    So my suggestion is to use a screen capture program like “Snagit” to capture the desire part image, then convert image to pdf in Photoshop or other pdf creation software.

    Or, if you can copy the part you want, you can paste it into Microsoft word 2007 or 2010, since there is already a “save as pdf” option for you to export to pdf. Hope it can help you.

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