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    Best Practices

    Hi, Folks

    I'm fairly new to Access, but I really want to learn more to help me with my job. I've got a lot of experience designing Excel spreadsheets so shifting my brain to Access has been a challenge so far. I do have one question regarding the best ways to build queries.....

    My job is to validate cellular phone invoices for multiple companies. So what I am trying to do is create a single Make Table query that will show a specific cell phone plan and the discount applied to it. The first problem is that while a plan has a single line on the report, the discount may be spread across multiple line items with the same description. To setup a query so far, I've had to do the following:

    1. Create a make table query to sum up the discount lines per phone number.
    2. Create a make table query to be able to join concatenated data representing the phone number + the charge description (this is so I could get a unique key to join it to the raw data table).
    3. Create a final make table query to link the summed discount to the associated phone number + plan.

    I realize this is hard to understand without specifics, but it's a lot of info to go through.

    Am I right in thinking a query cannot call a value from a field in the same query? I'm so used to doing that in Excel. Is it normal to have to make a lot of querys/tables to get a final result or should I be able to do all I want in a single query? I want to get this done with the least amount of work possible.....the bigger it is, the harder it is for someone else to figure out.


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    I think the best use of 2 or 3 hours at this point is to read the first few topics at this site. You need to understand Table design and Relationships. And I would strongly suggest a data model(ERD) to assist with your design.

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    Also, you don't normally need make table queries. You can use queries in queries in queries, etc. They can be used in 99% of the places a table can be used, so you rarely have to create a table, just use the query.

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