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    I need to return a value for calculation.

    I have a form that I want to use for a scorecard situation. The employee can get a number for a compatency that we are asking for. The number will fall within a range, say 100-90 will equal 5, 89-80 will equal 4, 79-70 will equal 3, 69-60 will equal 2 and 50 and below will equal 1. I am not hung up on the equal number, but I need for the users of the form to be able to type in a number, 75, and I need for the correct number to go toward a grand total number that is also on the form. I have a total of six of the competencies that I need to set this range thing up for. Can this be done? Thanks for reading and helping!

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    Can you create a function that will return the correct value with the user input? It looks like a good place for a Select Case structure.

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