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    Help with embedding Hyperlinks!

    Hello all,

    As the subject states, I need help with creating hyperlinks, not just a regular hyperlink though, but one that works in a accde NOT talking about accdb, again a DE not a DB.

    I had a working solution until it blew up in my face lol. My solution was:

    1. Create a textbox.
    2. Textbox data source toa field in the table that contained the hyperlink.
    3. Solution worked except it applied only for "that" record. I would have to find a way to link to theta field with out the field changing every time I looked at a new record.

    The end goal: On a accde, I need to have a Hyperlink in the footer that when clicked, will open a pdf help file on a network drive. Just 1 file.

    In addition, I am trying to work out a solution that will prevent from having to to enable that silly security option about "enable this content" which is usually required when trying to run VB code. Why avoid this? Because this database is wide spread on a team that knows nothing of MS access and I am the only one creating the database in whom I am even at beginner stages/intermediate. With that I can't be trying to explain to everyone how to operate access, they just need to use the simple form I created. This is why I like the Macros because they will run with out having to "enable this content" Security option.

    I tried experimenting with the application.followhyperlink by typing it in the On Click event but could not get it to work. Also tried adding it into the Hyperlink part on the control. Everything worked fine until I made the accde for everyone to share, now no hyperlinks work

    Any help is much appreciated!


    Any ideas?

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    adrian84 -

    Don't know if this will work in your particular situation, as I have only used it in an .mdb but, it may be worth a try.

    You'll need a textbox on your form that contains the file's name and address you wish to open. Not a hyperlink, just a string.

    Place a new Button on your form's footer.

    Then, in the FORM'S, VBA Current Event, add -

    Private Sub Form_Current()

    'Add in your own error handling

    'Set file Location variable
    dim st1 as string
    st1 = [Forms]![YourFormName]![TextboxName] 'File Address as string
    'then, Assign variable to button's HyperlinkAddress Property
    Me![YourButtonName].HyperlinkAddress = st1

    End Sub

    So, each time the current event is fired, the HyperlinkAddress property is updated. When the button is clicked, the appropriate file should open.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the reply, but what I ended up doing for the DE is I had another table I made as "hidden" so people wouldnt see it or mess with it and linked it ino a subform. In the contents of that linked table I mafe 5 fields each holding one entry of information I needed that all were hyperlinks to network resources or a webpage. The hyperlinks work perfectly. I then modified the subform so it blended perfectly with the main form so you couls not even tell there was a nother section. It just looks like hyperlinks. dealing with accde formats is a pain in the butt sometimes but I love having it for a front end for every one to use.


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