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    Help creating a query to cross reference data.

    Hi all - rusty access skills letting me down.

    I need to create a query to cross reference say, Table A, Column X and Table B, Column X for corresponding values, and where it finds them pull the values from the row.

    Along with this, there are duplicates in B-X - this column contains part numbers, B-Y contains descriptions for the parts that are not duplicates, and B-Z, urls which are not duplicates.

    I was hoping someone could help, or give me some pointers as to how to design a form which runs the query, which reports to another form in which I can select from a list of all the rows with the same part number and a way to place those into yet another form which runs a query to place this data into a table - to export as CSV.

    It's a big ask for someone who hasn't used Access for 5 years, but it's not a terribly complicated database as they go, and I'm sure I should be able to manage it with a few tips.

    Best regards.

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    well when in design view of a query, a simple join line between the X columns of those two tables is the first step.

    This will result in records where a common value exists. The B table will, as you note, have multiple records.

    Don't follow as to then what you seek - in terms of dealing with those duplicates.

    Not sure this helps much.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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