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    Post Field Level Permissions in MS Access 2003

    Im doing a project in access which i have tables and forms. I have applied user secuity in my project.In that, some users have All permissions to insert,update and delete the data and some user has only insert permissions and doesnt have any other permissions.

    I have 10 different fields in my form.

    My Requirement is for non editable users, they cant able to edit the record once they inserted. But i need to allow only two columns to edit say an example, I have a dropdown field named Status with two options Open and Close and a Text Box Named Closed Date.If they Select Open from the dropdown, then i need to give edit permissions for Status and Closed Date fields only.. After inserting the record and again once they select the Close Option in the dropdown field, then the entire record should goes to Read-Only. Is it possible to do like this??

    Please Suggest me..


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    Field Level Permissions in MS Access 2003

    When the User has only Insert authority on the table he cannot be allowed to edit selective fields on the Form. If he has edit authority on the table then on the Form we can identify the current User and lock all the fields while opening the form through VBA.

    If he is trying to create a new record (current event) then unlock all the fields for data entry and lock all the fields on the update event.

    On Click Event of Status and Close Date, unlock the fields for editing and lock again on the update event.

    If you have several Users of this kind then you may create a Group Account for them and assign permissions on the Group Account rather than for each User.

    Current User's Group Name can be checked with statement like:
    IF dbengine.Workspaces(0).Users(currentuser).Groups(0).Name = "NoEditgrp" then
    'Rest of the procedure
    End If (Learn MS-Access Tips and Tricks)
    Learn Advanced MS-Access Programming with examples and VBA.

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