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    Collection of Page Total

    I got a bit stuck on the work I am doing. I am trying to collect all
    the page total and listed it on a page via subreport using TOC methods
    at GroupFooter Section. Then I wish to summarize the listing page
    totals as a grand total on the same unbound textbox (i.e. PageAmt) at
    PageFooter Section where I have introduce earlier for page total.
    Though I have use "running sum" and "Nz" but I still unable to get
    Grand Total. Can anyone help me how to control the unbound textbox
    "PageAmt" to read page total of every pages until it reach GroupFooter

    and read subreport total, instead?

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    It's probably possible to do that, but if I had a report like that I'd probably write the page totals to a table and then print the table at the end as a summary.


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