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    Slow Database

    DB Definition:

    Using Access 2007

    4 linked tables to an internal SQL DB for the company

    DB has pictures attached to 2 tables in my Access DB.

    At my location only our Admin Assist and I can generate First Piece Inspection Reports quickly. We scan a barcode from the SQL report to generate my part specific report.

    Have set up Technicians as users.

    As a rule only 1 person is logged into the DB at a time since we save dates when the reports are printed and taken to the floor.

    I set the Technicians PC to link to the SQL DB the same as my laptop and the Admin's Desktop user permissions and ODBC connections.


    1. It takes approx 10 minutes for the Techs PC to display the report. Reports are less than 3 pages long.

    ( IDEA... I need to log in from the Tech's PC to see if it takes me 10 min to pull up a report using their hardware)

    2. I compressed the DB and pictures, copied them to another facilities server. uncompressed them, and ran the report. No problem.

    A permissioned user at the other facility says it takes 10 minutes to display the thame part number report. This user is also a user for the SQL DB


    1. Could hardware memory be a factor?

    2. Any ideas appreciated.

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    There are reasons why my access database is slow?

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    I'll look at memory on slow machines Tuesday regarding RAM.

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    "other facility "..... ??

    that raised a flag for a WAN involved?

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