I am fairly new to working with Query Wizard, but I am very close to getting a project done. In a nutshell, I am doing an Access query on Excel. The report is designed to get the latest data input from an Access database that gets new information every 10 minutes. I am using the following SQL code:

SELECT fm_tank_description.Description, fm_tank_data.Product_Code, fm_tank_data.Tank_Level, fm_tank_data.Water_Level, fm_tank_data.Density, fm_tank_data.Temperature, fm_tank_data.Volume_Net,Fix([Tank_Level]) , Fix(([Tank_Level]-Fix([Tank_Level]))*12) , CInt(([Expr3]-Fix([Expr3]))*8) , ([Tank_Level]-Fix([Tank_Level]))*12 , fm_tank_data.Water_Level, Fix([Water_Level]) , Fix(([Water_Level]-Fix([Water_Level]))*12) , CInt(([Expr7]-Fix([Expr7]))*8) , ([Water_Level]-Fix([Water_Level]))*12
FROM `Z:\NewTankArchive`.fm_tank_data fm_tank_data, `Z:\NewTankArchive`.fm_tank_description fm_tank_description
WHERE fm_tank_description.Point_Tag = fm_tank_data.Point_Tag AND ((fm_tank_data.time_stamp=DATE()))
ORDER BY fm_tank_description.Description

Upon clicking OK, I get the "Too few parameters. Expected 2." error. Unfortunately, the query help doesn't seem to show me anything. The "Fix" functions are supposed to create extra columns using data from the field indicated within the brackets. These functions are the ones causing the error, as the query goes through fine when I delete them. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.