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    Database to produce quotes

    I am currently working for a company and they need to me to create a database of all of their products along with the information relating to those products, so that i can then go into the database with a clients specifications and the resulting products which fit their specifications would be highlighted and filtered out. Once choosing a primary component such as a pump it is then wanted that a list of say engines/tranmissions/valves which can relate to that particular pump would then be displayed. Each component can then be chosen or ticked to create a final quote.
    I dont know how complex this would be but i know exactly what they want just not how to do it, any help would be greately appreciated, and if you need more info i can try my best to explain.


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    This is a good place to start


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    I think the answer is that it is both complex and yet routine if one designs databases.

    One needs a clear understanding of the components/products relationships with sufficient real samples that one can then properly cross reference the two. Because a Product is made up of multiple components. And a component can be used by multiple products. They are two separate tables. You then have a 3rd table that set up the cross reference: i.e.

    Prod1 Comp1 Qty 2
    Prod1 Comp2 Qty 1
    Prod1 Comp3 Qty 5

    you get the idea.... first you have to block out the concept - - and then the grunt work to enter that data begins.

    Hope it helps.

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