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    Embedding a Word Document as a template for Mail Merge

    I have a word document I am using as a template for a mail merge with data being pulled from a query within my database.

    That document is housed ouside the Access file as an independent document, and is tied to the database by a hyperlink.

    So far I've been unable to import/embed that document into an Access page so that it can travel with the database and the user can just click on it and the work is all done internally.

    I'm assuming it's possible to do what I'm contemplating.

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    well not really kinda sorta...... truly inside Access is a Report; you could rewrite it into a report.

    ...depending on what you mean then Access's hyperlink or attachment field doesn't truly qualify as "inside"....which is why my reply is uncertain....

    To travel with Access; one can put it in the same folder; and assuming that the folder is always on C: (and never inside another folder or on another drive) then I believe the path would always work no matter which'll want to double check that.....

    Not sure this helps.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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