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    How to take a user input

    Hi all

    this is what I am trying to do,

    i am writing a program, which will allow the user to scan barcodes from UPS boxes, when the user wanted to end scanning , the user scan "END", the programe will end.

    this is what i have done so far, this is creating end less loop.

    Private Sub scanUPC_Exit(Cancel As Integer)

    Dim qct As Recordset
    Dim upcs As String
    Dim LP As String

    Set qct = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("QC:Table")

    upcs = Me.scanUPC
    LP = Me.ScanLP

    Do While Not Me.scanUPC = "END"

    qct.Fields("UPC") = Me.scanUPC
    qct.Fields("LP") = Me.ScanLP
    Me.scanUPC = ""
    If Me.scanUPC = "END" Then Exit Do
    End Sub

    looks like , it code is not waiting for the response, its reads as space..Please help. thanks in advance.

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    I would simply use the after update event of the textbox to handle the scans. Scanners I've used could all be configured to send a tab or carriage return after the scan, which triggers the after update event. In that code you would simply test for "END".
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