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    Name Change

    I'm trying to change the name of my address book called "All Contacts" to "Business Contacts" in Microsoft Access. It's in an older version of Access and running on XP OS. Maybe 2002 or 2003 version. How can this be done. I see there are many places to make name changes and when you start to make them, the file dosn't open. Good thing I'm working with a copy of my real file. I'm not good with this but some good people I know can't figure this out either. And when you do change the name a few times in the back (tables etc. part), it dosn't change in the form part where you enter all your data. That stay's All Contacts. A simple little name change has taken weeks and can't get done so if someone has an idea, please help. Thanks so much , I have one thing to add to this. the main file name is Skip's Contacts but inside that main name I have my TWO address books "Personal Contacts" and "All Contact" and it's the All Contacts I'm trying to change to Business Contacts so this is inside the main file.
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