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    Question account rights

    How to configure accounts for teachers and students, teachers must login with an username and password, students only with studentnumber, teachers cando everything, students only can fill in forms and make printouts( forms and reports).


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    First you will have to have all the teachers and students in table, say users_tbl. This table, on the least, will have a column for their login id, which will be the student ID for students and a username for teachers.

    Now, the security levels will be enforced on the form level. This means, when a user logs in, and you determine that its a student, you can allow additions, if you want to, but disable editing. This means the students can add new records into the system, but they can edit any existing records.
    If the user is a teacher, you will allow edits and additions, essentially allowing them to enter new records and edit exixting ones.

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