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    After reading all the post I still can't get DLookup to work

    I want to create a query using DLookup.
    I've tried so many combinations in writing a query but I keep getting errors
    due to synax. I'm ready to quit but I know it's something simple.
    Could someone help me?

    I'm trying to create a make table query using DLookup.
    I want to extract the UNIT_PRICE and REPAIR_PRICE from TABLE2 were the DATE_ORD in TABLE1

    falls between the DATE_BEGIN and DATE_END of TABLE2.

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    Don't use DLookup for this. In general, its a bad idea to embed any kind of domain function within a can lead to very poor performance.

    Instead, have your Make Table query join Table1 to Table2 on the Item number and use a where clause for the date in Table1 to be between the begin and end dates in Table2.

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