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    Insert query inserting 2 same records in the table

    My below sql inser statement is at first inserting one row in the table but after some time it automatically adds one more row in the table

    strSQL = "INSERT INTO RELEASELIST ([Release Name],[Production Date],[Code Delivery Date],[Reg1 Completion Date],[Reg2 Completion Date],[Imp Test Completion Date],[Content Type],[Modified],[Created],[Created By],[Modified By] ) VALUES ('" & txtReleaseName & "','" & dateProd & "','" & codeDelDate & "','" & regression1date & "','" & regression2date & "','" & impcompdate & "','Item','" & currDateTime & "','" & currDateTime & "','" & strUsername & "','" & strUsername & "')"

    DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL

    Need help on this .

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    How do you execute this SQL? Is it in some sort of loop?

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    I am getting the values from a form and I am adding the record by a add button - the click of which has got the below sql.

    Say my form has 2 fields A and B and in my sql i have A B C and D where C and D are time stamp and username which i am getting from different function.When I click on the add button initially A B C and D are getting inserted properly but after few secs in the table i see one more record inserted with values A and B only that too above the record which contains A B C and D. Not able to find out what is the problem.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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