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    Help!! - Corrupted Module

    I was working on designing the db yesterday and somehow it appears that the code behind the windows/object of the application has gotten corrupted.
    The reason I suspect this is that anytime I try to open anything with code behind it I get the dreaded "MSAccess has encountered a problem and needs to close error"
    I tried to open the module and do a compile on it (this usually shows where the error is) but when I try to open the module I get the same result!
    If you know how to get into this file without it blowing up please let me know!
    I have tried do a Compact and Repair - no help there!

    Further investigation shows that it is a particular window that is corrupted - I have been able to recreate everything in the database by creating a new one and importing everything BUT the window in question. Is there some way to edit the code that is in that window?
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    1/try to create a new, empty database.
    2/Import all not corrupted objects
    3/In the old database go to the VBA window and then, without opening the corrupted module export it in txt format
    4/Import the VBA text into the newly created database.


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    Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately the code that is corrupted is in a form.
    I have been able to import everything else but I cannot import that form nor can I find any way to get to the code part of the form.
    If I try to use the documenter - Access blows up, open the form - Access blows up, import the form - Access blows up.
    I saw some people talking about a decompile from the command line but that seems to have been removed. I did a search on MS for command line switches in Access 2007 and there is no listing for it!

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    Re-Created DB is double the size?

    I was able to re-create the db by doing an import of everything but the courrupted window but now the new db is virtually twice the size of the old db???
    What makes this very strange is that this is just a front end db and the data is located on a SQL Server so why would the development files be twice as big - if anything I would have supsected they would shrink?
    Anyone got any ideas on this?

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