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    Upload (import) Excel Table Info

    I am kind of stumped on how to do this one...

    I have excel files I want to import the data from into my Access table.

    The Excel files are bascially column X, Y, and Z with a varying amount of records between each files.

    I am hoping to have the user be able to browse and select the Excel file from my Access program. Then have my Access program automatically import the data from the Excel file into my Access table.

    Any thoughts?


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    this can be modified to accomplish what you need:

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    hmmm well the " browse and select" aspect of it is challenging.

    One can easily instruct user to always put the file in folder X, and give name XYZ - - because of course the import can be prewritten to path X, file xyz.

    But to dynamically browse would be a different animal - - one would then need to identify the path on the fly. Possibly you could set up a hyperlink data field - as a vehicle to trigger the browse & select feature - - and then parse that value and put it into your import command.....

    probably other, and better, ways to do it...haven't seen this need.....

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