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    Report load events - OnFormat???


    I have a field which holds multiple values (initials of Employees assigned to a specific item). This is displayed on a report as a list box. So it will have column of checkboxes, either checked or unchecked, showing who is assigned to that particular item. The report is grouped into different instances of these items.
    What I want to do is for each instance of an item, display a textbox with a string displaying the Initials of employees assigned to that item, not all employees. So I wrote this code in a Format event for that grouping:

        MsgBox ("TEST 123 for RMA: " & txtRMA.Value)
        Dim varItem As Variant
        Dim strInitials As String
        Dim lngLen As Long
        With lstEmplAssigned
            For Each varItem In .ItemsSelected
                If Not IsNull(varItem) Then
                    'build a string containing the initials, separated by commas
                    strInitials = strInitials & .ItemData(varItem) & ", "
                End If
        End With
        'Remove trailing comma.
        lngLen = Len(strInitials) - 2
        strInitials = Left$(strInitials, lngLen)
        'Set the textbox to show the initials
        txtEmplAssigned.Value = strInitials
    My problem is, nothing is happening, not even the message boxes. Where am I going wrong?

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    If you're opening the report in the new Report view, the format events do not fire. They only fire in Preview and Print.
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