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    "Calculated" Text Fields -- Linked Table FROM excel INTO access

    I used FIND and MID to clean a dataset in Excel.

    =FIND(":", B7, 60) etc.

    =MID(B7, 88, (D7-C7)-1) etc.

    When I link Access 2000 to Excel (2010), Access grabs every field correctly except the MID field. Access displays nothing in the MID column.

    Any thoughts on why this might be, and how I can get the MID function to populate?


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    don't know.

    would try this.... if G7=MID(B7, 88, (D7-C7)-1)

    and G7 isn't linking....

    try making an H7=G7

    and see if H7 might work in H7 having a value (of G7) rather than a formula...and maybe will work....

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