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    Forms that can expand columns on changing crosstab query

    Hi !!

    Please help me to make a form that is based on a crosstab querry and it can adjust its rows as well as columns based on the changing out put of the crosstab querry !!!



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    Hansford cornett Guest

    RE: Forms that can expand columns on changing crosstab query

    IF you find this out please let me know I could have used it several times in the past.

    I think this is the impossible as the report or form is not actually built until the query is run therefore the querry creates the format each time it is run..

    I did fake one crosstab query out a year or so back by creating a blank entry so all fields would display and then when I count I -1 to keep the data counts right.

    Hansford D. Cornett

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    Duane Hookom Guest

    Re: Forms that can expand columns on changing crosstab query

    There is a sample file with dynamic crosstab reporting at I think the only way to accomplish this with a form involves a fair amount of code. Adding rows is easy. I think you would want to create a bunch of hidden text boxes that you can use when the crosstab generates more columns.

    Duane Hookom
    MS Access MVP

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