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    Exclamation need help with formatting negative numbers

    Hy to all .

    I try to modify an access 2010 template from the MS website . ( An template for managing stocks, orders and invoices and invoices)

    The problem is that the template as is programmed does not accept as input negative prices. I need to use negative prices for offering discounts on my invoices. In my country the discounts are only displayed as products with negative prices/values. We do not use % discounts.

    i try to create an products with negative price and to use it as an discount on the invoice. Both the products input form and the invoice input form give me the same error :

    "please specify an price list that is not negative"

    or "please specify non zero positive prices"
    ( sometimes it allow me to enter but when the software try to validate the form/invoice i just entered it give me those error/messages)

    I changed all the field from currency in general numbers ..but I think this is not enough.
    Where do I have to change in order to remove those formatting/condition..? The template has a lot of macros.. I an not able to change those macros if there are some formatting conditions in them.

    If it is allowed I will post the link to the free template i use to be more conclusive..Or I can give/ upload the template I use.
    the link to my data base ( dropbox)

    This problem is giving me a lot of problem for about one week and I am about to give up.

    Thank you

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    no answer?

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    I only have 2000 on this machine so was unable to look at the sample. The place to look is at the validation rule properties of the field in the table and the control on the form where you enter the value (both have validation rule properties). If not there, the second place I'd look is the before update events of the control or the form.
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    I know this thread is 2 years old, but I registered just in case OP or anyone else is looking for the answer to this. It took me like 2 hours to find it, but the change needed in question would be in the "Table" Tab, "Before Change" macros, in the "OrderDetails" table of this MS database.

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