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    inserting bound pictures

    I don't use Access often, but I have a situation now that requires me to use it.

    I have an exercise database that i NEED to use.

    each exercise has a "start position" and and "ending position" - so this way everyone knows how their body should look at the beginning and then after they have completed the step(s).

    I understand how large the files will be and the space needed - this is not a problem with my machine.

    I have read MS's instructions for inserting a picture in a form (bound object)(working, of course, in the form design view), but it is not working. when i go to the form view, the control is blank. also, i do not know VB or SQL.

    it really seems like this should be easy to accomplish, but it really isn't.

    i sure hope someone can help me with the following points:

    1. getting the appropriate pics to appear with the exercise and SHOW UP
    2. i need both the start and end positions to appear with the exercise in question
    3. would i be able to bring up a query that shows the exercise i want along with its pictures?
    4. i have MS Access 2000, 2002 and 2003. Whichever version will make this work the best, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for ANYONE that can lay out the steps in a detailed and easy to understand manner!

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    I would advise against storing the images in the mdb file--that will lead to file bloat, and Access does not handle it well.

    In a recent app, I needed to print pictures in a report, and I was able to use simple code to handle the pcitures at runtime.

    1) Add a table to your db, tblExercisePics, with a layout like:

    ExerciseID (link to your exercise)
    PicNumber (1, 2, N - you only need two now, apparently, but this design enhances flexibility for future)
    PicPath (path to picture file stored elsewhere)

    2) On your form, add two Picture controls

    3) In the Change event sub of your ExerciseID field on your form, use lines like these:

    Me![BeginPic].Properties("Picture") = DLookup("[PicPath]", "[tblExercisePics]", "[ExerciseID] = " & _
        Me![ExerciseID] & " And [PicNumber] = 1")
    Me![EndPic].Properties("Picture") = DLookup("[PicPath]", "[tblExercisePics]", "[ExerciseID] = " & _
        Me![ExerciseID] & " And [PicNumber] = 2")

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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