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    Smile How to make form

    Hi ,

    Well i am very new to this forum , i have made a table contain following data


    the name of the above table is DATA

    Now i want to make a form from following criteria

    1.Symbol (selection)

    2. Date (date range from one date to other date)

    Once the above crietria is fullfilled the data should show below


    (these data should contain only the particular symbol & the data range mention)

    3. Below the avg column data i should get the Total avg.

    I am very new to forms kindly describe me step by step. Thank You

    Kindly Help me,

    Thank You,


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    Well, let's start with your table. You should have primary key. I highly recommend using the autonumber. If you aren't familiar with this, it is the reference to the record. By using autonumber it ensure a unique key that is easy to reference.

    You should be able to use a list box to display the results you want. Underneath the list box you could display the average.

    The rest is based on queries that limit your results with WHERE statements. Access's query builder visually represents the code and is very easy to use once you play with it for awhile.

    If you want to use Access you really need to learn to build queries. If you post a query I will try to take a look at it. But it is your DB and you need to take the first steps.

    This should give you enough to start with. Post again after you have started to work on this. I am just begining to visit this forum, but will try to check back in a day or so.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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