I am building a database for work on ACCESS 2007, although I will convert it to ACCESS 2000 due to our archiac computer system.

The database will calculate the next quarter Review Due date (from today's date) for a date previously entered on a table ( [ss_WIRB_IRB_2_Approval]![Date2Approved] ).

I have tried the following:

Review Due:

which returns "0"

To complicate matters, I want to push the due date to the next Monday if it happens to fall on a weekend and to the next workday if it happens to fall on a holiday.

For the weekend issue, I believe I need to incorporate something like this:
iif(datepart (“w”, date) <= ?? , date +1, date)
I am not sure how to add that it or what the ?? should be.

I have no idea what to do about the holidays.

I'm primarily using the wizard, although I know a little SQL.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.