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    Pass Through Queries - Local and Network Tables

    Hi -

    When executing a pass-through query, is it possible to join tables that are on a network AND stored locally? If there is, hopefully you can help.

    I run a series of queries within a database that detects inspection fraud. It’s 7 queries that manipulate millions of records and it currently takes more than a few hours to complete this task, running make table queries. Query1 grabs a bunch of data (from tables on a network) and stores it locally into Table1. Query2 is a combination of more tables on a network and specific criteria from Table1, and makes Table2. This process repeats itself until it ends.

    I have no problems in generating a pass-through for Query1. It’s when I run Query2, (Table1 with the 3 other network tables) that I have issues. The error message is”Call Failed ORA-00904 invalid identifier”. I'm guessing that there is a conflict with the ODBC connection and Table1.

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated,


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    that looks like an Oracle error. ORA?? Yeah, probably. Why not ask it in a Oracle forum??

    Additionally, you might want to check on your quotation mark usage. For instance, a lot of server systems like oracle use single (') quotes for string delimiters instead of doubles (").

    another example would be an upload or integration with mysql. characters like quotes in mysql fields require escaping with a forward slash, otherwise it'll throw an error.

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