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    Tabs will not display in Form View


    I have a form with several tabs. I began this form as a simple form and then added tabs. The first tab, I copied the contents of my form onto the tab. The second and third tab I inserted subforms. I tested the functionality of all the forms and it worked great.

    Then I added another tab to which I inserted another subform, this is where things went wrong. When I proceeded to 'Form View' the tabs were no longer displayed. So, I started all over again, and as soon as I add content to the first tab I lose visibility to the tabs when in 'Form View'.

    I can insert subforms into other tabs and everything is fine, I simply cannot put any content into the first tab.

    Would appreciate any guidance on this, I am completely stumped.

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    Same problem

    Were you able to find an answer? I have a similar issue - I added a tab and one user cannot see any of the tabs now, everyone else is able to see all tabs. Please let me know. Thanks very much!

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