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    Hello and web access question

    Hi everybody,
    I am currently using Office 2010. I have a database ver97 that I wrote about 10 years ago and my company has been using since. It does order entry, scheduling, purchasing, workflow, etc for our screen printing company. It is split into F/B.
    I would like to allow my customers to check on their order status via the web. Do I need to publish data (hourly, most likely) into some form that can be read by a web server? My provider offers Perl, PHP, MySQL, PostGRE, and a few others. Alternatively, if I hosted the site myself, could I do something more dynamic via OBDC or another route? I would really like to avoid converting to SQL - I'm afraid of how much time would be involved. I've got lots of tables, forms, relationships, and automation that I think would need rework.

    I apologize if this has been beaten to death already; I searched the forums for a while but couldn't seem to come up with the magic keyword combination.
    Also, just fyi that I have been using access since 2.0, and am not afraid to learn something new to get the job done. (although to be honest after learning DAO I never bothered to learn ADO...)

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    Hi again. Is there any clarification I could offer to increase the answerability of my post above? I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks again.

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    Found this via a website, which i hope will help you out:

    There are many options that you can use but they depend on your skill level. The simplest solution is to use Data Access Pages from within Access. There is a wizard that can walk you through the process. If most of your friends use Internet Explorer as their browser, this would be your best bet. Another alternative is to use Microsoft ASP(or that will allow you to connect to your Access database and create webpages.

    Apart from that, other's might have a better idea off hand.

    Good Luck.

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