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    problem in splitting Date and time fields

    I have a database where there is a field "date time" and some of the entries of this field have the time and some don't. I wrote a query to display job is to split them into two seperate fields of date and time. I used the commands

    Date: Left([RECEPD],Instr([RECEPD]," ")-1)
    Time: Mid([RECEPD],InStr([RECEPD]," ")+1)

    where RECEPD is the actual field name for "date time".
    Here i got a problem which is the entries with both time and date worked fine but the ones with only date gave error (like #Error) in the date field and displayed the date in the time field. can any one pls suggest me any ideas to overcome this problem. I need the solutions a bit quick as my deadline is approaching. thanks in advance.

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    Here's a link that should help to explain the DateTime field.

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