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    When user selects form from a pull down menu the form opens up.

    Ok guys, I need a little help here.

    On my main form I've created a pull down menu that the user selects a form they want to display.

    I want it so they will select the form then press a "go" button and the main form will close and the form they selected will come up.

    I've made a table that has all the listed forms. I just don't know how to link the list with the forms.

    Thanks for any advice guys.


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    Behind the GO button you would have code something like this:

    Dim stFormName As String
    stFormName = me.NameOfComboBoxControl
    DoCmd.OpenForm stFormName
    DoCmd.Close acForm,"currentformname"
    You would use the table that has the form names as the row source for the combo box. The bound field would be that field that holds the form name.

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