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    How about creating a drop down menu in a report?

    In a report, I have sections of my business broken down into 5 different codes (Accounting - Code A, Engineering - Code E, Support - Code L, etc.). I have created a report displaying code activity and all of the corresponding events attended by these codes. What I would like to do is create a drop-down menu for the codes (if possible) to display events attended by a particular code ONLY. EXAMPLE. - If I want events attended by Code A only, I can select code A and it displays Code A events only. A drop-down box would be nice, but anything to this degree would suffice. Is this something I need to create in a query and integrate it into a report?

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    Nope, you can't do that directly in a report. If you really need that kind of funtionality, look into Crystal Reports.

    What you CAN do in Access, however, is create a drop down on a form and then filter the report by the value selected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StepUP
    What you CAN do in Access, however, is create a drop down on a form and then filter the report by the value selected.
    That is a useful technique. Another thing you could do is modify the Recordsource of your report so that it includes a WHERE clause in which you can supply a runtime parameter to do the filtering:

    WHERE YourCodeField LIKE "*" & [Code starts with] & "*"

    If your user enters A in the parameter prompt, you get the 'A' codes. If your user enters a *, you get all the codes.

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