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    How to sum time in Access Report

    Hello first time here!

    I need help on summing these time in Access (2000 format) Report.
    I realized when i used the wizard to upload the data from query to report, the report doesn't even give me to Summary option on all fields with this Time (HH:MM:SS) format.

    The original data from table are actually in seconds; I converted them into hh:mm:ss in query; Unfortunately these time cannot be "Sum" in the report.

    I tried this one but it's not working.
    =Format(Sum([Time]/3600),"00") & ":" & Format(Sum([Time] Mod 3600)/60 Mod 60,"00") & ":" & Format(Sum([Time] Mod 60) Mod 60,"00")

    Can somebody please help? My boss needs to see details with summary so I need to use the report.



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    Just a quick thought here:

    - Add another column to your query, which just reports the raw unformatted seconds from the table.
    - Add a control to the detail level of the report which "shows" the seconds (but set its visible property = False so it doesn't display on the report).
    - Sum and format this control in the report's footer, this time make it visible.

    Untested and off the top of my head, but it might work!


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