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    Not sure how to approach this problem

    I recently got some very useful and precise help from these forums...that worked well. So I figured I'd cast my line out here first. I do not know the best way or rather most effecient way to go about an issue that I have come across. It relates to the help that I recently got but here is the basis.

    I have a table that has this information

    Date | Name | Start_Time | Event

    There are a bunch of queries that i've had to set up, and there is one that I do not know if it is even possible or what I will have to do to get it to work. But it goes something like this. I need the next Start_Time for the direct chronologically next event, in a seperate Column with no Date carryover, and no person carryover. So at each change in Date and/or Name, do not record the next start_time.

    Date | Name | Start_Time | Next_Start_Time | Event

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    you have to use recordsets in code. you can't do it otherwise (if I'm reading this right).

    you can't perform vertical manipulations in queries through the interface alone.

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    Seeing as though you want the time of the very next next event associated with the current one, I asume there is a correlation between Start_Time and Next_Start_Time. Is this calculable? For example, will event n always start x time after event n-1? If so, you don't even need to store it. Just calculate it on the fly.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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