Hello all,

I have used Access databases before that were built by others but have never built anything more than a simple one before now. As a result, I'm not even sure how to ask for what I need so dont laugh (too hard) if I sound stupid

Here's what I need to do:

  1. Import 2000 or so customers per day (this I figured out)
  2. Set it up so folks can call those customers and ask how the technician did while he was out there for their appointment (this too, I figured out)
  3. Have it automatically generate a form (work order) when rep conducting survey selects "Issue - Internal Roll Required" (this I have NOT figured out ) so that the rep can set up to have a tech roll back out to the customer's home to resolve whatever issue it is
  4. have it pull the info for those forms for Issues or Internal Rolls generated into a report so I can print out each day's list of Internal Rolls
  5. Have a way to track the Internal Rolls that have not been closed out
  6. It would be great to be able to also generate reports for how many calls each rep made and what the contact percent was (I may be able to figure this part out but help would be good).
Anybody able to assist? It seems like I need to combine types of databases like Call Tracking and Issue Tracking and Invoices.....