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    count the # of records sharing a code

    Trying to get a count of the number of records for each code; that is: 90000 records with a code field; some code "a" records have 1000 records and some code "b" records have 20000 records; I'd like to know !
    In other words; ther are perhaps 20 codes; there is a "code" field with these repeating codes; I'd like a count of how many records contain code "c" and how many have code "d", etc.
    I've tried this , and many many other variations !

    SELECT contacts.code Count(contacts.code) AS CountOfItemName

    (SELECT DISTINCT code ) As q
    GROUP BY code;

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    the SELECT DISTINCT is what is throwing it off. All you need is
    SELECT code, Count(code) AS CountOfItemName
    FROM contacts
    GROUP BY code;

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