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    Question Forms in Sharepoint

    When working in sharepoint is there a way to open the form in design view? and how do I open the form properties? when I click form properties it never opens it.

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    well, one must define what one means by "working in sharepoint".....if you mean web forms and Sharepoint Access Services - then the role of Access2010 is as a development environment - that gets ported/loaded onto a webserver/sharepoint. one can't put that web form into design view per se - - you go back to your master copy and use that then re-port it....somewhat equivalent to an mde or runtime enviroment.

    but if you are talking an Access FE where the BE is sharepoint lists - then your FE should be local and ifyou have the native license it should be fully able to go into design view.

    hope this helps a little.

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    Design view in a web database is not available. You can only view the forms in form view or layout view.

    Access web databases have to be compliant with Sharepoint so it has to follow Sharepoint's rules, unfortunately.

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