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    Expression builder


    I am currently trying to build an expression for a problem for my uni course and was wondering if anyone would like to try to help me.

    I am complete newb when it comes to MS Access and feel rather frustrated not being able to solve it.

    I've had a look on You Tube but was unable to find a solution for the issue.

    The problem is building an expression which will collate all names of authors for (imaginary) papers for export into Word document to be "a list of references".

    The list should have 4 papers with a number of authors (i.e. the 1st and 3rd paper have 3 authors each, paper number 2 has 1 author and paper number 4 has 2 authors).

    Now, I would like to make a query "make author list" which will have fields paper id and paper title (taken from qry Assemble paper info which I have prepared that contains the data) and an expression to put all the authors in order per paper.

    So, I am having a massive problem in writting the expression, i.e. using operators that will either put a comma or a space behind the author.

    Does anyone know how to use operators to have this to work:

    What I got at the moment (and it isnt working) is:

    author list: [qryAssemblePaperInfor]![qrySeniorAuthor]![Author 1] & IIf( [qryAssemblePaperInfor]![qryGetSecondAuthor]![Author 1]=",",',' & [qryAssemblePaperInfor]![qryGetSecondAuthor]![Author 1] ) & IIf( [qryAssemblePaperInfor]![qryGetThirdAuthor]![Author 1]=",",',' & [qryAssemblePaperInfor]![qryGetThirdAuthor]![Author 1] )

    The course notes have figure which I tried to follow... but not really understanding what the operators actually do I am not really helping myself at all.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

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    the & symbol is the concatenation operator; the iif function has the following syntax:
    Iif(Condition, value if true, value if false). You can find some explanation about operators and functions in the Help files.The expression you type has several nested Iif functions.

    But without knowing the underlying table structure, and query design, it's difficult to help.


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    Thank you very much.

    The underlaying structure is a query which assembles the relevant authors per each paper.

    The Iif is supposed to assemble these in order of author rank.

    As every paper has different order of authors the Iif is supposed to either put a comma or the full stop behind the author's name, depending whether there are any author names coming behind.

    In any case thank you for your reply.


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