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    creating a report in this manner

    i dont know if its possible to do this with Access......because im new to
    using Access.
    but i have to create a report in a tabular form.

    i have tables with details like Name, IDs, Request Date, Closing Dates.....

    and many more.

    please refer to the image attached here.

    so i need to
    1. compute the total number of jobs that each worker has done.
    2. 1 Day means (Closing Date - Request Date = 1). that has to be computed.
    3. total number of jobs assigned to all the workers.
    4. total number of jobs done in day 1, day 2, n.

    i have tried alot of things but i have not been able to figure out much.

    will really appreciate it if someone can help me with this and please let me
    know if anyone wants more details regarding the database.
    thank you.

    Manoj J

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    c'mon Access pros.......some ideas ????

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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