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    Hide Duplicates

    Building a report in Access 07 and I don't want duplicates in the first column. So I click on the data item in design view but that highlights both the data item and the label at the top of the report. I open the Property Sheet and select YES by Hide Duplicates but, when I open the report, the duplicates are not hidden.

    Is there someway to isolate the data item and not highlight the lable and actually hide the duplicates?


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    Click the textbox and then click the Remove button on the Ribbon to remove the layout. I'm using version 2010, and I am sure this button was moved, so I can't tell you exactly where it is in 2007. I think you had to be in Layout View.

    If this doesn't work, click the textbox again and look for a tiny icon that looks like a square with a plus sign in it, near the label. Click this icon and then click the Remove button.

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    Tried this and couldn't get it to work. When you say 'layout', are you referring to Layout View. I learned Access on 03 and am finding 07 to be maddening.

    In 03, to prevent duplicates in a report, you simply clicked on the text box, opened the properties window and selected 'yes' by Hide Duplicates. Consequently, in a column in a report, data would not repeat. But, in 07, I click the text box and open the property window, select yes by Hide Duplicates and nothing happens. The data in the column repeats. Grrrr

    Would appreciate any advice.


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