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    Nice And Easy Ones For You Gurus


    Been a while since I have done this in Access.

    I want a simple query.

    I have 3 Fields. I want to add the coloumns which are currency values from 2 and compare them against a final columns


    SELECT Description From INVOICE WHERE (DepositAmount+BalanceAmount) < TotalAmountDue

    Any Thoughts...I am being useless...

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    If you want to see the total of DepositAmount+BalanceAmount, you have to put it in the SELECT clause of the query

    SELECT Description, DepositAmount+BalanceAmount

    By putting it in the WHERE clause as you have it now, the query will only return those records where the sum of the two fields is less than the TotalAmountDue.

    Out of curiosity, from where is the TotalAmountDue coming.

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    Got it now, think it was having probs with Null columns.

    Have another problem now, might be back in a bit...


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