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    Table values in forms


    I really need some help. I've been working on this project and gave up on it a while back because I was not able to get it working.

    What I've got is 4 tables and 5 forms.
    Each table has its own form. Then I have a form that puts all the forms together in one sheet.

    Table A -> Form A
    Table B -> Form B

    Table C -> Form C
    Table D -> Form D

    Form E = Form A + Form B + Form C + Form D.

    The values in the tables are to be modified in Form E.

    The purpose of this project is to have profiles on customers. It is for an event. For instance, Form A has the basic information about the customer, like who he is and what he does. Form B has information as to how s/he will get to the event. Form C has information as to where s/he will be staying. Finally Form D is the financing of the customer's transportation and lodging.

    As you can see, the four tables ABCD are related as they each have information for each customers. Everthing is seemingly okay, however, when I add values to Form E, the values show up in their respective tables, but, do not show up once I bring up Form E again, after closing it.

    The reason as to why I have 4 tables rather than one is because Access would lock up as there was too much information.

    Would anyone know the reason as to why this is happening? I'm attaching the db file. Though the labeling is in french, it's still relatively easy to understand.

    I appreciate the help greatly - Thank you!

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    [Off-topic note] I noticed the database errors when you attach the file, this forum was just transferred to new server and the default mysql configuration can't handle files over 1MB. I have corrected the error, you can try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Table values in forms

    Since I could not see the db I cannot be sure of the solution, but have you tried requering the subforms after new data is added?
    Me![Form A].Requery

    I've found this is sometimes necessary to refresh the data in a subform.

    When, and if, you are able to post the db I'll take a closer look.


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    You must to make Primary key all table and make relation by PK, last you make form E and insert subform form formA-D select primary key you want to relation in table.

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