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    Data won't show up in table field

    Please pardon me being a "newbie" but I hope someone can help me.
    I created a Table with the fields [Name] [Date of Birth] and [Age]

    I am using a form to enter this data.
    I created an expression that calculates a the persons age automatically.
    My results are working fine, but not showing up in the Table?
    The form reflects the answer, but the table remains blank?
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Where are you entering the calculation for the age?

    In the date of birth field after update?

    Sometimes if the automatic calculation is not in the right spot it will show but not really update the field.

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    Hi Texzen,

    Did you ever figure out how to get calculated date or results to show up in the table or whether it can be done or not? Just wondering cause i am new to access and i have a similar problem. In a form i created I used dlookup to retrieve city name in the city field when i enter the zipcode, however, when i look in the table the city name is not there in the database table. I have created a second form to use the same database table and tried to dlookup from that same table but the city name data doesn't exist. Hope you can help me one way or the other. I have read that calculated values are not stored maybe that is why the dlookup data will not store.

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    If you create a query that joins your table with the ZipCode table on the ZipCode field, you can display the City and State just as if they were in the same table. You are correct in that in most cases you should not store calculated fields.

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