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    Sum Of Positive Number and Negative Number

    Dear All,
    I Have A Question When Creating Report From Following Records and Fields:

    ID Description Mark QTY
    1000 AAAA 2223 -5
    1000 AAAA 2224 6
    1000 AAAA 2225 -1
    1000 BBBB 2226 8
    1000 CCC 2227 10

    I Group By Description

    I Want To Summarise Value as three types:
    for example in Group: AAAA
    Type a Total Sum: 0
    Type b Total Negative Sum: -6
    Type c total Positive Sum : 6
    I Can Write Formula for Type a Successfully in data source of textbox (But I can't Find formula to calculate type b and c

    Please Help me as soon as possible

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    Perhaps not the best way, but how about creating two queries of the data where the Qty is <0 for type b and >0 for type c?

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