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    GROUP and COUNT?

    Hello. I am trying to query a table with three columns--CustomerID, CorpID, and SalesRating.

    I need to first only return results where there are 7 or more entires for the same CorpID. Next, I would group the results by the SalesRating, and in third column, show how many results there are for each grouped SalesRating.

    Anything I've tried with grouping and counting is not working. Honestly, I'm quite new at this. I have attached an example of the data and how I'm trying to get the results to look like.

    If anyone could please give a quick walk though a possible solution, it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, I'll keep working on it!

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    Try this query:

    SELECT tblSalesRating.CorpID, tblSalesRating.SalesRating, Count(tblSalesRating.SalesRating) AS CountOfSalesRating
    FROM tblSalesRating INNER JOIN (SELECT tblSalesRating.CorpID
    FROM tblSalesRating
    GROUP BY tblSalesRating.CorpID
    HAVING Count(tblSalesRating.CorpID)>6) AS qryCorpRatingCount
     ON tblSalesRating.CorpID = qryCorpRatingCount.CorpID
    GROUP BY tblSalesRating.CorpID, tblSalesRating.SalesRating;

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    Perfect! Thanks, ConneXionLost! I didn't think of using a select statement inside the join.

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